Siamese kittens for sale at Suyaki Siamese Cattery, a purebred Siamese cat breeder located in Florida.


A Siamese kitten is one of the most beautiful little animals in the world. It's coloring, its gorgeous blue eyes, and its lively and charming personality will always enchant you.


Siamese kittens are intelligent and inquisitive,
and determined to have their own way.


 My Siamese kittens have excellent pedigree lineage,
and have champion bloodlines.

Here at Suyaki Siamese, we raise our kittens uncaged,
in order to bring out their best personality.

Please feel free to contact us.
We hope to hear from you soon.

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Letters from Satisfied Customers:

Dear Charlene,

Tevye, our chocolate point is our big boy, the big brother. He is so smart and handsome. I call him my champion. He is very curious and extremely intelligent! He is quiet and likes to lie near you, but not on top of us. He is more of a shoulder Siamese than a lap Siamese. He is very stubborn or shall we say determined. He sits on the toilet every morning and watches me while I get ready for work. He waits for me to open the vanity so he can get into my hair scrunchy basket. He loves this one type of rubber band that I have in the basket, so he waits patiently until I open the cabinet then he goes thru every hair scrunchy until he finds his rubber band.

He is so smart! We have found that feathers are his weakness. He gets so crazy we can not even let him play with them. He thinks it is a bird and takes the feathers and growls. When we finally get them away he cries for a long time, so we do not like to torture him. He is definitely a mommy’s boy. He is more attached to me than Brian, but loves us both.

Moitle is our baby boy. He has so much personality and does require constant attention. He is sweet and very loving. He is so vocal. We can carry on conservation. He listens to his mom and dad and unlike his brother only has to be told once. He always has to be right on top of us on our laps ECT… He carries a baby washcloth that we call his blankie around the house in his mouth. He loves to sit on our TV that is on our dresser in the bedroom and stair at him self in the mirror. He is gorgeous! His eyes are so blue. He loves his dad too much! He sometimes can not handle the dad not being home and he pouts. When Brain comes home, he follows him all over the house and cries and tells Brian how much he missed him. He drives himself crazy when Brian takes a shower. He can’t stand it that Brian is in there and he can not see him. He cries uncontrollable until Brian gets out. He has a weakness also and it is paper! He loves if you crunch up a piece of paper. He will come running if he hears it. We love him so.

They are very healthy and active. They adore each other and watch out for one another. They love to play and sometimes they run so fast you would not believe it! We are so happy they are part of our lives! We can not imagine life without them. When we went on our honeymoon we could not even speak about them because we missed them too much! We look forward to seeing them when we get home from work at the end of the day. They bring such joy to our lives!

Thank you so much for our boys Charlene! You are a very special person. It is so obvious that you love animals and dedicate yourself to raising such unique cats. We know we made the right decision when we chose our boys from you. Thanks for all your advice and for answering our questions when we call. Please always keep in touch. Take care and thanks again Charlene.

Kim & Brian Cooper