Siamese kittens for sale at Suyaki Siamese Cattery, a purebred Siamese cat breeder located in Florida.

Suyaki Siamese is a CFA registered cattery based in Miami, Florida.

We breed purebred Siamese kittens, show & pet quality. We have all four
colors when available. They are sealpoint, chocolate point, bluepoint,
and lilac point. Our Siamese kittens are all veterinarian certified,
vaccinated, and
their health is guaranteed.

We are willing to ship our kittens. A health certificate, inoculations, and
a shipping carrier is always included in the cost of the kitten.
Shipping is an additional charge.

Siamese cat lovers in Ft. Lauderdale, West Palm Beach and the Miami
area may pick up their Siamese kitten in person.



We occasionally offer young healthy adult Siamese cats that are spayed
or neutered, to loving indoor homes at a reasonable price.



If you wish to contact us:

Contact Us
(305) 234-1220

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Letters from Satisfied Customers:
Dear Charlene,

I have enclosed a recent photo of Coco on her “throne” in her velvet bed that she has almost outgrown. She is the light of my life and I am considering adopting a sister for her this Christmas.

Thank you for bringing her into my life. She is such a joy! Every time I go to Boca Raton to see my parents “Grandma & Grandpa” they are almost more excited about seeing their Granddaughter than their Daughter. (Ha, Ha)


Karin J. Toski


Dear Charlene,

I also wanted to thank you once again for creating a wonderful animal. Nico is a treasure. He is very affectionate, devoted, and intelligent. He is without a doubt the best cat I ever had and my best friend.

Angela M. Rodriguez


Dear Charlene,

Prince Bhumibol continues to overwhelm us with his personality and intelligence. He has come when called from Day 1, and used scratch pads both vertical and perpendicular from Day 2. He is so affectionate! With all those attributes he should be able to win over 3 year old female cat soon.
There has been no indication he misses being with his litter mates. He fit in immediately. Right now he is sitting on my lap – a total love. Do we sound like thrilled new “parents”?

Hollis & Lenore Rinehart


Dear Charlene,

We have returned to Florida for the winter with our Kitten. Not only are we completely devoted to him, but everyone who meets him immediately recognizes a highly social, affectionate Siamese cat. He has an outstanding personality; a shiny, shiny coat; and muscular physique.

Thank you so much for our joy